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How much money can I expect to invest?

There are a variety of factors that determine the amount of the investment necessary, and each client and situation presents a unique set of circumstances, Just a few of the many factors can be things like-

  • Client goal Timeline
  • Age/date of birth
  • Academic profile
  • Time of year
    • Level of English
    • Client preferences

Extra curricular profile
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If I choose to study abroad, is there a specific year of high school that I must go?

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Not at all. You can even go before or after high school. There are a variety of options and CS Educacional exists to help you navigate those options to achieve your goals.

When should I go abroad? How young is too young?

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Almost always, our answer is- ”When you are comfortable.”
As with everything else, it depends on your goals. For anyone with the goal of studying at the university level in North America, we feel that there are some enormous advantages to studying for multiple years in the US or Canada before entering university there. For athletes, we believe an early entry is especially critical.
While there is no set age, our families have started working to develop options as early as age 11, with the goal of starting the journey abroad by age 14 or 15. The opportunity to start earlier is certainly available.
Our university, language and professional development clients start at many different ages.

Where will I study?

Often times, the answer to this question is determined by things like the goals or budget of the client. For a lot of CS Educacional clients, the primary goal is academic, professional or extra-curricular (sports, art, music) development or achievement, and the location is secondary. That does not mean that none of our clients care about where they study, though. We have placed clients throughout the United States and Canada, and there are no limits or restrictions of where our clients can pursue their dreams.

Will I live with a host family or on a campus?

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It depends on the type of program you choose. Most of our students who have finished high school, live on university campuses or in apartments. Some of them choose to have roommates, others do not.
The majority of our high school students live on a school campus, with 24 hours supervision and support from faculty, staff and teachers. They almost always have a roommate, and that roommate will usually have a different native language. Some of our students have opted for a home stay.

I don’t speak any English. Can I still go abroad?


Are there any tests I have to take to study abroad?

Every situation is different, and the tests (if any) necessary will depend on your goals and timeline. In many situations, a language exam is required. Often times, our clients are in search of elite high school and university placement in North America. This almost always requires a variety of other standardized tests.

What i the shortest or longest amount of time that I can be abroad?

That is determined by your goal, budget, and the type of program that you choose. Our clients take 5 day school tours, or go on 2 week sports camp tours; they study a language for 6 months; they study high school and university abroad. It all depends on your goal.

I think I want to study abroad, but I am concerned about immediately committing to a full year or semester. What should I do?

Many people test their true desire to study abroad with summer camps, or school tour weeks, or sports camp tours. This is a short term method of testing if studying abroad might be the right thing for you. Click here to see our short term offerings.

Can I visit the school I want to attend before I make my decision?

Yes, and we can help you plan the visit.

Can I play sports or participate in art/music/theatre and/or other extra-curricular activities?

Many people utilize CS Educacional services to create educational opportunities that also allow them to excel and develop in their other fields of interest, like sports and the arts. Tell us what you like to do and we can work to find you the opportunity!

Am I eligible to participate in high school or university sports?

That is determined on a case-by-case basis. We work with state activity associations and NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA/CIS clearinghouses, as well as schools, to help you understand your eligibility.

How do I get a scholarship?

Watch this video to learn more about scholarships and financial aid.
A scholarship is one of a variety of forms of financial aid that can be available to international students when studying in North America. Usually when people use the word ”scholarship” they are referring to ”merit based financial aid” which is usually given for a special or elite talent or ability, not for participation. CS Educacional works with our clients to explore the different forms of financial aid available to them, but we will never speak in the name of a school in promising financial aid.

Who will travel with our child when they go to their school?

That decision is up to the family. We assist families in understanding the travel options for their child (these options vary by age) and in obtaining the proper documentation necessary for minors traveling without parents if necessary. In many cases, families choose to have CS Educacional representatives travel with them, or with the child.

My child wants to study at a high school in North America. is it safe?

Watch this video to learn more about safety at boarding schools.
This is a broad question, but we can say that the boarding environment (which the majority of our clients choose) provides an extremely well structured network to care for the students physical and emotional well-being, as well as around-the-clock security and health care.

I inquired about services, why did you ask for my budget?

Our goal is to help our clients to achieve their dreams while working within a budget that they can afford. Because of this, we are unable to offer services to everyone that inquires with us, and in the interest of saving your time (and ours), it is crucial that we understand the budget that you will need us to work within.

Why can’t you just give me a list with locations and prices like everyone else?

The foundation of what we do at CS Educacional is built on high-level, personalized customer service. To offer that level of service, we need to listen to our clients and understand what they want to accomplish (and in some cases, help them to decide what they want to accomplish). If we were to just ”hand over a list” to potential clients, we wouldn’t be doing our job to create the type of personalized experience that people have come to expect from working with CS Educacional.