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“We could fill the class ten times over with kids with perfect SAT scores. It`s the other stuff that gets our attention.“
– Stuart Schmill, Dean of Admissions, MIT

CS Educacional offers our highly motivated, college bound clients and families the opportunity to achieve their educational and extra-curricular goals by preparing them to gain admission into North American universities. CS Educacional`s clients don`t want to pick their future of a list on a piece of paper, they want an elite, high level experience that meets their academic, extra-curricular and budgetary needs.
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In many countries around the world, the procedures to successfully evaluate, select and apply to the best universities for the student is one of the most misunderstood and mishandled processes in the educational landscape. The admission process is highly unpredictable and ensuring you have followed each process correctly and within time constraints is vital to your success. CS Educacional serves to educate it`s clients on the realities of their opportunities abroad, and works with them to present opportunities to gain admission into the university that is best fit for their skill set, goals and budget, and put them in a position to succeed in the classroom, on the field and socially.
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No English? No problem! CS Educacional`s personalized programs can work to create opportunities where you get the language training you need to meet your goals.

Long term service

CS Educacional doesn`t believe in “drive thru“ consulting. The student`s first day of school isn`t the last time the student and family hears from us, it is the beginning of a relationship. CS Educational`s “educational life time“ contract has the ability to serve it`s clients for extended periods of time, allowing them to achieve their biggest dreams. This is especially vital for our athletes who need to go through the highly competitive athletic recruiting process to become an athlete at the university level.
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