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Academic Consulting

`We could fill the class ten times over with kids with perfect SAT scores. It`s the other stuff that gets our attention.“

– Stuart Schmill, Dean of Admissions, MIT
The elite high school and university admissions process in the US and Canada is a complex, often difficult to navigate, and vastly different from admissions processes in other countries. CS Educacional serves its clients with tailor-made programs to provide students at all levels of study (middle school through Ph.D.) with customized experiences that can meet their educational, extra-curricular (sports, music, art, dance, acting, etc.) and personal needs. CS Educacional eliminates the confusion that can hinder, or even derail application procedures and athletic recruiting processes and assists our clients in navigating through the complexities that come with having a myriad of options, ensuring nothing stops you from your goal.
Athlete? Musician? Have a passion?

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Right student, right school
Our clients do not want to pick their study abroad experience from a list on a piece of paper handed to them at the “intercambrio store.“ Our clients want a customized, detailed plan with the timeline and resources to get them exactly what they need to make their dreams come true. When you work with CS Educacional, you are receiving world-class service that ensures your experience is not just a year to remember, but the beginning of your journey to success.
Our mission is our client’s success– from finding the right high school or university to identifying our client´s unique goals and finding the right learning environment to match. Using CS Educacional is an investment in your future. Contact Us Now for a Consultation.


Long term service

CS Educacional doesn`t believe in “drive thru“ consulting. The student`s first day of school isn`t the last time the student and family hears from us, it is the beginning of a relationship. CS Educacional serves its clients long-term, allowing them to achieve their biggest dreams. This is especially vital for our athletes who need to go through the highly competitive athletic recruiting process to make it to the next level.
No exclusivity means the most options for our clients.
CS Educacional does not hold any exclusivity or quota-based contracts with any school. We refuse to participate in this practice because we believe that it eliminates us from working in the best interest of our clients.

Our clients never have to wonder if they are looking at a “school list“ that is, in reality “the list of schools who pay the service provider“ and can confidently know that they are looking at the best opportunities for the student. Our strong and proprietary relationships with countless admissions departments mean that we have the trust-built-equity and reputation to allow our clients a fair opportunity in the admissions and financial aid process.
Special needs shouldn`t prevent you from achieving your goals.
CS Educacional has worked with countless people who had previously believed that because of their lack of English-speaking ability, or even special learning or behavioral requirements, that it would be impossible to achieve their goals abroad.

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High school

``right student, right school`` In many countries, the opportunity to study abroad at the high school level is one of the most misunderstood ideas on today`s educational landscape. CS Educacional works with highly motivated students and families to educate them on the realities of studying abroad and present them with opportunities to gain admission into some of the most elite schools in North.... Read More


``We could fill the class ten times over with kids with perfect SAT scores. It`s the other stuff that gets our attention.`` - Stuart Schmill, Dean of Admissions, MIT CS Educacional offers our highly motivated, college bound clients and families the opportunity to achieve their educational and extra-curricular goals by preparing them to gain admission into North American universities. CS Educa.... Read More


Many of CS Educacional´s students do not stop their educational journey once they complete an undergraduate degree. CS Educacional provides tailor-made solutions to our post-graduate, degree-seeking clients. Our detail-oriented approach helps you to navigate the complex post-grad process; including finding you the best school in the best location, acquiring housing,

.... Read More

Short Course/ Youth Programs

CS Educacional`s youth consulting offers young people and their families the opportunity to get their first international experiences at an early age, building towards more successful trips abroad in the future. Sports, outdoor and language camps, and even school tour packages can last for a couple of weeks all the way up to a couple of months, and we can help parents to be as involved as th.... Read More

Speciality Courses

CS Educacional was founded on providing the kind of high-level personalized approach that is necessary when you are looking for a rarified and unique experience. Whether you are looking for a culinary experience, aviation training or want to ride horses and learn English we are eager to hear about your goals and dreams to see if we can help. Need specialized experience abroad to facilitate a ca.... Read More

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