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CS Educacional works with highly motivated individuals who are prepared and willing to work to make their dreams a reality. CS Educacional clients want to achieve.

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Whether in the classroom, on the field or in the office, the people who choose CS Educacional are passionate about developing in their interests, academic/artistic/professional pursuits, and lives.

Do you want to experience life abroad?

CS Educacional clients have a love of life and for living. They embrace “new” and “different” and look forward to being challenged by the opportunities that life provides for the adventurous soul.

Are you pro-active?

At CS Educacional, we work with do-ers. Our clients understand the value of taking action and don’t wait for life to “come to them.” CS Educacional clients are not scared of opportunity.

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(Português) De Cuiabá para os EUA, depois de jogar por AA Centro Oeste em Cuiabá, Gabriel e Luiz Felipe se reuniram na Geórgia, EUA, para conquistar sucesso dentro de campo e de sala de aula.

Washburn University recently approved funding for a world class athletic facility, which includes indoor american football fields. These fields and the rest of the state of the art facility will soon be used by brazilian american football athletes, Arthur Rocha (Belo Horizonte, Minas Locomotiva / América Locomotiva) Lucas Martinez (Belo Horizonte, Rio Football Academy), Eduardo Nunes (Rio de Janeiro, Rio Football Academy), Gabriel Piola (Brasilia, Brasilia Alligators, Recife Mariners).

Everyone knows that your university recruiting chances are significantly increased if you can play your high school football in North America, but how do you find the right school for you?​

4 more Brazilian american football players recently took major steps toward adding to the growing number of Brazilians playing American football at the university level. Wide receiver, João Godoy, signed with Dakota Weslyan (Mitchell, South Dakota) University and running back, Leonardo Lima, accepted an offer from Northwestern (Orange City, Iowa). Linebacker, Lucas Helmlinger Fernandes, also picked up two more offers, from Lawrence University (Appleton, Wisconsin) and Nichols College (Dudley, Massachusetts), to go along with his offer from Milssaps College (Jackson, Mississippi), and quarterback Lucas Martinez arrived on campus at Washburn University (Topeka, Kansas).