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Clayton Lovett has spent the majority of his career in the world of education, where his ventures have seen him teaching in the classroom, consulting, and working in the field of applied behavior analysis. Lovett obtained his bachelor`s degree in education from Hastings College (where he was also a defensive end on the football team) and has studied at the graduate level at the University of Missouri at Kansas City (Special Education) and Florida Institute of technology (applied behavior analysis). Clayton sits on the board of directors for the Our Kids Together Foundation, which provides mentoring, tutoring and coaching for youth in socio-economically deprived neighborhoods in Brazil.
When Lovett isn`t working, he can usually be found on a Football field somewhere in South America. Lovett has served in a variety of roles in relation to football in South America, including Head Coach of the two time Brazilian national champion Cuiaba Arsenal, Defensive Coordinator of the Brazilian National Team, and in league development projects for Brazils CBFA and Chile’s FNFA. He regularly speaks or provides clinics for teams throughout Brazil and Chile.
Clayton, his wife, Mariana, and their dogs, Buddy and Lilly, live in Sao Paulo, Brazil.